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Brinjal Kasundi

Brinjal Kasundi


Brinjal Kasundi is also know as eggplant chutney. We make it using locally sourced ingredients such as onion, garlic, ginger and eggplant. The spices are roasted and ground fresh for each batch and then the chutney is cooked slowly for a long time. If you can resist eating it with biscuits, cheese and a glass of wine it is ideal for adding to pizza, stir fries and pasta. Or use it as a marinade for chicken, spare ribs or a base for curries and sauces.


Our kasundi is available in three versions:

Mild - this contains long red chillies with no seeds giving it a slight chilli flavour without the heat.

Medium - this has long red chillies with seeds which has some stronger chilli flavour with a little heat - this is our most popular version.

Hot - this has birds eye chillies with seeds which still allows you to enjoy the flavour of the kasundi with the heat coming through late on the back of the palate.


Note: None of these will be hot enough for those that love heat!


Ingredients: Eggplant, onion, ginger, garlic, vinegar, sugars, olive oil, spices, salt and chilli. Weight: 400g


Storage: Once opened, keep your jar of preserves refrigerated. How do you enjoy your preserves? We would love to hear! Email us on:

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